About Us

We use reclaimed and salvaged wood to make our products. Most of our products are made from reclaimed redwood branches from the forest floor in Sebastopol, CA.
Great care is taken to achieve the highest overall quality for each piece.
We also make custom wood burned signs and pictures too. So if you would like something custom made please ask.


Elizabeth  Elizabeth Wilson

Also known as the “Idea Girl”.  She designs many of the products and wood burned pictures that we have available or out of stock because of their great demand.  With a natural eye for design, she is constantly expanding our product line and keeps us active on social media.  She is Gary’s better half and wife, adventure seeker and really likes coffee too.  Oh yeah, she loves all animals and hopes to have her own miniature animal zoo some day.


Gary Wilson

He has always been interested in wood working and making things with his hands.  His fiancé keeps his brain firing on all cylinders as they bounce new product designs and ideas off of each other, then Gary has the fun task of making the prototype.  He likes to go to the coast and find small adventures in their downtime.  He is always happy go lucky because meeting Elizabeth was the best thing to ever happen to him.